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    Well no,but the grog cabinet is fully stocked....
    When I was a boy....


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      You have a point about Facebook acidstone, taking interest away from forums.
      I’m not on it but the wife loves it, as does the rest of here family. They mostly talk about woman’s crap, but you do get to hear about interesting stuff.
      I suppose there are local fishing groups using it as their main source of shared info.
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        I believe Facebutt has a lot of 'groups', where like minded folks can chat and carry on. The fact that it's an app on your phone and is somewhat real-time apparently makes it appealing (or in the case of my wife, addictive). Given the innate laziness of human beings, people probably try and use that one facility as much as they can, rather than have to use multiple platforms. That said, like you, I'm not on it, so have no idea on whether there's a Poly boat group or not.

        I suspect that the information on such apps tends to be transient and not overly searchable however, hence why I guess people might chat there and post questions to forums ending up with them becoming knowledge repositories.

        As far as keeping this forum ticking over is concerned, we probably need to wait and see if the broader community chooses to engage or not. It's well and good for a handful of us to keep nattering way, but does that warrant the ongoing effort to keep the doors open? I dunno.....guess that will be up to the Big Dog (Doug). If the broader community doesn't engage, I'm not sure there's a lot that can be done to get folks posting without contacting a marketing company.