Clock's ticking

I need to have a volunteer to take over as El Presidente by the 20th.

I went to the doc this afternoon and I've had an entirely new pathology added to my already lengthy list. Soon I may be needing a guide dog and a white stick and I've never met a Labrador yet that can type, never mind the spilling and pinctuation;

I really am serious guys - I am no longer able or willing to do the few simple tasks required to keep the site running. Can I have a volunteer even if he thinks that he can palm it off later. It isn't that difficult altho someone with computer skills and an interest could do a lot with the "raw" site.

Over to you, Blue Leader (I was RAF, so that makes sense if you fought in the Battle of Britain like me.)
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is this the end "THANK YOU DOUG"

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  • is this the end "THANK YOU DOUG"

    Today I received an email from Doug

    "As you know I have run this site since Dave fled someplace (no word for 3 years). However I'm now 70, with heart problems, eyesight problems and frankly little interest in boats or fishing anymore.

    Running the site is not arduous but inconvenient. If I knew more about pHp I might be able to do more. It costs me several hundred bucks a year to pay for licences etc altho money is not a major factor. I do need to pass the board on to someone else though.

    Accordingly, I will close the site on 30th June, and if no-one contacts me to take over I will then delete the whole thing, cancel the licence and permanently delete all content.

    All the best

    I am one of the early members & at one stage had the mosts post on the site but like a lot of us life got in the way & my 5.3 is going up for sale as I havent been able to use it for over a year & I can let it sit there & waste away.

    Its a sad day to see the site close down & I hope some one can step up as Doug did a few years ago to keep the site going.

    I must say a great big thank you to originally Dave for starting the site & an even bigger one for Doug to keep it running & even though we have never met he always kept in touch when Miss Jane my first wife battled cancer & passed away. So even thought he comes across as a rought tough old thing he does have a good heart.

    Again all I can say is thankyou Doug.

    4062 isnt that many really


    5.3 Cuddy 115Hp Johno 2St

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      Gday all

      Doug has done a great job keeping the site running,who would have thought a Doctor could mix with us mere humans lol .I have been on the site and previous one since early 2000s, I bought my 455 in 2002 brand new,still think they are great boats.It would be great if someone could keep it going,possibly Polycraft themselves.Hey Pete hows life going mate,I will send you a pm to get your number,I am coming down to Tassie again at some stage,be good to have a beer and meet you ! I see you got grand poobah status lol

      Thanks Doug,cheers to your effort mate !

      Cheers Giffo

      I don't get drunk ! I get awsome !


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        Wow 2247 posts I have,I think a couple may have been useful lol

        I don't get drunk ! I get awsome !


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          The useful ones told you to wind your head in Giffo. Go piss on a fire someplace

          Love n' kisses Doug
          When I was a boy....


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            the poly boat fad is over just end it. oh and fuck smartwave boats cheap nz shit cost me a year of fishing


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              See other thread chaps, Doug is handing over the keys to me and dfer.

              I always thought it would be a mutiny or hostile takeover via hacking. But the fella has done a stellar job.

              Watch this space....
              Far North Coast NSW

              "Tight lines and white knuckles"

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                Shit hot Habes,cheers Doug
                5.3 metre centre console-140 suzuki-80 lb minn kota on the drink one day


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                  Great stuff Habes and dfer and well done Doug.
                  5.3 walk through cuddy 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke 80lb Minn Kota


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                    Thanks Doug for your email and keeping Poly Boat owners alive mate. Good luck and happy fishing. Phil Hervey Bay
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                      A very big thank you for all you have done for us Doug.
                      and thanks to Habes and dfer for being able to keep it going
                      cheers stuart
                      just keep it simple