Clock's ticking

I need to have a volunteer to take over as El Presidente by the 20th.

I went to the doc this afternoon and I've had an entirely new pathology added to my already lengthy list. Soon I may be needing a guide dog and a white stick and I've never met a Labrador yet that can type, never mind the spilling and pinctuation;

I really am serious guys - I am no longer able or willing to do the few simple tasks required to keep the site running. Can I have a volunteer even if he thinks that he can palm it off later. It isn't that difficult altho someone with computer skills and an interest could do a lot with the "raw" site.

Over to you, Blue Leader (I was RAF, so that makes sense if you fought in the Battle of Britain like me.)
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Boat/jet ski licence and first aid/Brisbane

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  • Boat/jet ski licence and first aid/Brisbane

    Boat/jet ski and First Aid courses are run by for people in the greater Brisbane region. I am an ex marine studies high school teacher with 31 years experience (and 3 awards for educational expertise) in education, so hopefully I can get the message across. I have many years experience in marine training and first aid.

    I have quite small classes so there is a guarantee that you will get all the information required for a boat and/or jet ski and you first aid/CPR.

    My qualifications are - Coxswain (Qld Transport), power boat instructor (AYF), sailing master (AYF), radio invigilator (AMC), First Aid Instructor (St Johns), skin diving instructor (NAUI), master diver (NAUI), kayak instructor (Aust Canoe Fed), BA (UNSW) and MEd (Deakin Uni).

    Go to or ring 0411 768 872 for more information.
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