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wanted: 5.3 c/c with 140 suzi

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  • wanted: 5.3 c/c with 140 suzi

    Hi guys, has anyone got one of these for sale? Cheers

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    Have a friend who was thinking of selling. Not 100% sure of what is on the back. Will ask if he's still looking to get rid of it.


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      JUST FYI I have a 5.30 Front Runner with the 140 Suzuki and it is a great combination.
      It's stock and maxes out at 62 km/h - it's definitely NOT overpowered so if you can go for one with the 140 that's my recommendation.


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        I have just purchased a 5.99 c/c with 175. Looked for the 5.3 140 combo for 2 yrs with no luck so gave up in the end. My 4.5 c/c is for sale now to help recoup some of the new purchase costs, thanks.


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          No wouldn't think of selling Uncle Doug's 5.33 frontrunner but planning to upgrade the 115hp to a new 140 for speed and reliability. Its weighted down with lead inundation from buckshot pellets aimed at an escaping Doug by jealous husbands, so some old stories go. Others reckon she never went near the water in Noosa, unless you count the ice in Doug's G&T's as he sat aboard pondering what may have been and perving on his hot next door neighbor . Not sure what the second hand Suzuki 115hp may be worth though its been a good donk all things considered. Also considering a hard top permanent bimini (any suggestions) and perhaps a double axle trailer (Mainly due to the weight of all that bloody buckshot.)
          PS Hi Uncle Doug, you did say you wanted to hear if your dearest and nearest were still alive, and trust you are still as cantankerous a barstard as ever, and more so even than some of the rest of us.