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4.5 transom well infill

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  • 4.5 transom well infill

    Gday all just wondering if anyone here has done or ever thought of filling in the transom well with a sheet of ally to bring it up to a full height trasom? Or is it a dumb idea?

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    I have often thought abut it, I have my outboard on a jacking plate so it would be a prime candidate as it sits further back but all my hoses and cables run over that area into the under floor area which would make life a bit hard. If the outboard had all the cables and hoses loomed then run through the hull like I have seen some others set up then it would be really easy to do.
    Just wingin it.

    White 4.55 SC, 60HP Yamaha 4st.


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      Yeah i cant see why it couldn't or shouldnt be done if the loom runs beside the well. Might give it a go 1 day.


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        Hi Kyle, Polycraft provide this as an option called a rear infill for the drifter. Boat in the picture is for sale. cheers


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          Hi bmg the bit im talking about is aft of your infill and to make the whole trasom the same height as well as block off the bug empty space at the back just infront of the motor and fill it with flotation foam. Essentially make it a full height transom. Dunno was just something i thought of the other day while having a beer


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            hi Kyle, sent another picture of stock infill from polycraft. first one was a bit average, hope this helps, cheers
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              The top lid folds back on two hinges an provides a good amount of space for gear, polycraft provide a removable front also carpeted all around. works well but you have to remember to use the straps provided when travelling at highway speeds, I have lost my waterproofs and a towel on separate occasions.