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spray chines for 4.85

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  • spray chines for 4.85

    After 10 years of getting wet I知 finally thinking of getting some spray chines welded on - ok I know I知 a slow learner- but the excuse was no decent local poly welder here in Esperance. My local agent has now got a poly welder and is willing to give it a go. So I have a few questions- where can I get dark blue 10 mm poly? Can Polycraft supply sheets? What is the optimal width to reduce spray without risk of snapping them off when ploughing into a big swell - I知 thinking 60 mm but perhaps that痴 conservative? Do they tend to provide lift when digging the nose into a wave or do they plough the bow deeper? It looks like everyone fits them at the large bow chine step but how long should they come aft? Any tips on the easiest way to make a template?
    Interested to hear your advice on this perennial topic!