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  • Project Poly.

    Recently purchased a new to me Poly from the early 00's. Was looking for a nice stable little creek boat, and this guy turned up at the right time for the right $$.
    Bit underpowered with a 40 on the back, but plan to keep it for the next few years, then upgrade it. Not too many mods planned, but will need new electrics etc etc which I'm hoping to get to this week some time.

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    I take it that's a 4.55 AK47?
    5.3 walk through cuddy 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke 80lb Minn Kota


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      Spot on frank!

      Nice one AK that will get you into the think of them.
      Just wingin it.

      White 4.55 SC, 60HP Yamaha 4st.


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        Cheers McG, yeah pretty much perfect for what we want. Yep PolyFrank, it's an old 4.55. It's got some pretty good mods already, like big hatches on the back, and a sunk battery box in one of the seats, I'll see if I can get some pics of them.