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Acidstone's 4.8 Brumby Cuddy

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  • Acidstone's 4.8 Brumby Cuddy

    Hopefully a week to go and we'll have the new tub.
    Mrs Acidstone chose the bimini color.....didn't realise it was going to be quite as vivid as it is...not sure it was the best choice.....but it's what we've got now.
    Dealer is just finishing off the fitment of the bait tank (third pic), sounder and other bits and bobs.
    Good times ahead hopefully
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    Nice boat Acidstone, what’s the area you intend to fish and expected species to catch?
    5.3 walk through cuddy – 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke – 80lb Minn Kota


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      Thanks Frank. I've still got reservations about that bimini colour, but we'll see if it grows on me.

      To date we've been on hire boats and have generally fished Narooma and Tuross. With the new tub however, we're looking to explore up and down the South Coast, probably from Tuross to Mallacoota. As well as estuaries and offshore, we're keen to explore up and down the rivers. Hopefully the Cuddy doesn't end up being too annoying on the rivers, but we'll see.

      Species wise, we've tended to chase flatties from a boat, as they're so darn good on the chew and the fam loves catching them (boating and fishing is very much a family thing for us). That said, we're really hacks rather than hardcore fishos, so we tend to end up with a variety of species due to generic methods rather than proper targetting. With our own boat and the ability to get past the bar, we'll eventually gear up and start chasing snapper and Kingies. Depending on how the fam copes offshore, we may also try and chase tuna as well, but we'll see how we go.
      I guess I need to ramp up my knowledge on fishing having invested in a boat and stop being so blase about it.
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        Looks good Acidstone! If your wife is keen to be onboard a burgundy Bimini is a small price to pay for regular crew! I’ve loved my 4.8 Cuddy for 11 years now and enjoyed doing a lot of mods. One thing with the Cuddy is that all the spray runs down the cab, along the wide gunwhale which slopes in so the water trickles down your leg! I fixed that by screwing some rubber strips about 1 cm high from the rear edge of the Cuddy to the edge of the gunwhale which channels the water overboard. I also found cockpit drainage a pain with messy bait fishing and a boat full of scales at the end of the day. I lifted the rear carpeted section of marine ply floor and replaced it with an aluminium section with a sunken gutter along the rear perforated for drainage- easy to hose everything into rear gutter and chuck it overboard.
        Also found some stainless rails across the raised Cuddy floor good for bracing feet against and stopping gear sliding out in a big sea.
        Photos used to be on this site somewhere but can repost if you are interested.
        Polys are great boats for a few mods!
        Have fun!


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          Thanks Mike.
          Finally picked it up yesterday. Overall, pretty happy with everything, though there's some loose ends to tidy up.
          We're yet to get it out on the water and are going through the usual rego palaver at the moment. Should be on a maiden voyage in 2 weeks, though; can't wait!

          If you'd not mind reposting the pics, I'd really appreciate it. Always keen to learn from other folks and get new ideas. I'm hoping not to have to mod the boat too much, as I already spend too much time and too many dollars on cars.....but I will make any practical improvements that are needed.


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            Hope you’re having fun with the new rig Acidstone. I’ve posted some pics of a variety of mods I’ve done over the years. They are in the Modifications forum. Pipe lagging the windscreen rail cost nothing but if your are somewhere warmer than the Southern Ocean you probably don’t need it. May save your crews teeth if she’s about 5’5” though! The side deck barriers were made from some old conveyor belt, a couple of stainless screws and some Lexcel- negligible cost and well worth it.


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              Just checked the pics out. Many thanks, they're very helpful indeed.

              Spent the last 10 days down the coast, about half of them on the boat. Definitely had fun.

              The side deck barriers look awesome; I'll definitely be making some of those. I'm currently trying to track down some UV stabilised PE for some other tasks, so once I've managed to get some, I'll make them out of that.

              We're usually around the south coast, but will also be around the alpine lakes occasionally; so the pipe lagging may end up coming too. I can only imagine how cold that grab handle will get in late Autumn.

              Lexel; *sigh*. I need to get some of that, but it seems to have become unobtainium. Might give Sika Marine 291 a go.....


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                I didn’t see on your posts your exact fishing location acidstone, take it by you talking about cold weather your in Victoria.
                5.3 walk through cuddy – 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke – 80lb Minn Kota


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                  Now that was amazing, I have no idea why the massive text.
                  5.3 walk through cuddy – 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke – 80lb Minn Kota


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           need to shout Frank, I'm not that old mate... ;P

                    Nah, we fish the South coast of NSW, namely in the estuaries (and soon rivers) around Narooma and Tuross. Plan is to get offshore to chase Snapper/Morwong/Kingies too, but first I need to get comfortable with handling the boat (I'm reliably informed by many folk that the Narooma bar is very dangerous if you're not switched on). Thereafter, the plan is to head down to Vic and check out Mallacoota.

                    Cold weather was a reference to the fact that I quite like camping in the alpine regions around June/July and there's a couple of lakes up that way (Tantangara, Blowering, etc) that I'm keen to visit to may be chase trout in too. But that won't be until next year I doubt, noting alpine waters in winter can be both damn windy and cold (yep, I'm paranoid about safety when I'm short on experience).
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                      Love the NSW coastline. many years ago we spent many camping trips along it. Beautiful area with lots of rocky headlands and sandy bays.
                      5.3 walk through cuddy – 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke – 80lb Minn Kota


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                        It is, though moving North, you've got some wonderful reefs and coast up there too. Not to mention you escape the cold.
                        I was in Rockhampton a month or so ago and some of the views off Emu Park were sensational. Would love to go back with the boat and explore around some of those islands.