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Prowave brand baitboard/livey tank

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  • Prowave brand baitboard/livey tank

    Hey folks,

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand of boards/tanks? I've just spotted this and am seeing an opportunity to save some money (rather than buying the bait/fillet board and a separate livey tank):

    Any thoughts/experiences/opinions appreciated.

    Many ta's

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    So, after consultation with Polycraft I've decided to go with one of these on the 4.8 Cuddy. Will be installed on the top/middle of the transom, with some reinforcing plates underneath the mounting brackets (website doesn't show the brackets), sandwiching the top transom/gunnel. Ideally mounting should be done before the installation of the rear storage bin, so Polycraft will be installing the tank as a part of the build of the hull.

    I'll post a bit of a review and maybe some pics once it's done.


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      How is the prowave going mate?

      Happy with how big the tank is? Does it come with a pump? Does it keep your bait alive?

      cheers thinking about getting one for my 5.99


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        G'day mate,

        Sorry for the slow reply; been a bit busy travelling recently.

        The tank is literally getting fitted to the boat this week (dealer only got the hull last week). However, it turns out that it's not a bolt in job (on a 4.8 anyway). Despite a lot of pondering and measuring by myself and Polycraft, I stupidly managed to overlook the trim of the motor. As a result, just bolting it to the transom (there's room) would have the motor cover hitting the tank when you trim it right up for transport, etc. The work-around has been to both to lift the tank a bit and limit the motor travel (it will still sit above the hull bottom of the hull, but it's a lot of messing around). Not sure of how it'd go on a 5.99; I guess it depends on how close the motor gets to the back of the transom.

        In terms of plumbing, no, it doesn't come with anything. Prowave do, however, make a kit you can purchase:

        (That's bottom draining; they also do a side draining kit).

        In terms of size, I'm happy with it at present. We were down at the dealer a few weeks ago and dummied it up on the hull and it looks spot on for what I wanted. It's 40 litres, so not enormous but it's certainly bit enough to handle quite a few slimeys.

        Overall, it's very well made and I'm pleased with it. I did expect it to be a bit of fiddling to get it to fit, but not quite as much as its turned out to be.

        I'll post up a pic or two in a few weeks, once I've got the boat.
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          Finally picked up the boat, with the bait tank installed. We're yet to use, overall I'm pretty pleased with the installation. In the event anyone else looks to do this in the future, there's a few things to be aware of:

          * First, due to dimension of the transom and where the motor mounts, the tilt on the motor has to be limited to prevent the cowl striking the tank. On my installation, this involved putting travel limiters in the hydraulic rams. A side effect of this is that the factory travel locks no longer work. The current work around is ye olde trusty bit of wood. I'll look into a more long term solution in the coming months. The end result of all this is that the motor will tilt sufficiently far that if you put the boat on a flat surface, the motor will still sit clear of the ground. It does, however, mean that if you're launching from a steep river bank or something, there may be clearance issues between the motor and the ground.

          * The tank I purchased is a bottom draining tank. To allow this to work, the tank had to be spaced up around 20mm, to provide space for the nut on the drain fitting. If you go the side-drain, this obviously won't be necessary.

          * In terms of plumbing, I elected to go with a Flow-rite System 4 setup. This is a hideously expensive arrangement and I'm not sure I'd do it again, though it does provide a lot of flexibility in terms of managing the water in the bait tank. A side effect of going with this system is that the skin fittings for the inlet and drain, as well as all the pipe work, needs to be installed with the rear box out (that is, the box behind the rear seat which houses your battery/etc). I had Polycraft install the skin fittings while they did the hull and had the dealer fit the tank and do the plumbing. From the poking around I've done since getting the boat, I'd expect someone with some decent mechancial knowledge should be able to tackle the job, though it would probably take a weekend or so.

          Once we've had it out on the water and given it some use, I'll post comments if there's anything worth mentioning.

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