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Prowave brand baitboard/livey tank

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  • Prowave brand baitboard/livey tank

    Hey folks,

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand of boards/tanks? I've just spotted this and am seeing an opportunity to save some money (rather than buying the bait/fillet board and a separate livey tank):

    Any thoughts/experiences/opinions appreciated.

    Many ta's

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    So, after consultation with Polycraft I've decided to go with one of these on the 4.8 Cuddy. Will be installed on the top/middle of the transom, with some reinforcing plates underneath the mounting brackets (website doesn't show the brackets), sandwiching the top transom/gunnel. Ideally mounting should be done before the installation of the rear storage bin, so Polycraft will be installing the tank as a part of the build of the hull.

    I'll post a bit of a review and maybe some pics once it's done.


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      How is the prowave going mate?

      Happy with how big the tank is? Does it come with a pump? Does it keep your bait alive?

      cheers thinking about getting one for my 5.99


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        G'day mate,

        Sorry for the slow reply; been a bit busy travelling recently.

        The tank is literally getting fitted to the boat this week (dealer only got the hull last week). However, it turns out that it's not a bolt in job (on a 4.8 anyway). Despite a lot of pondering and measuring by myself and Polycraft, I stupidly managed to overlook the trim of the motor. As a result, just bolting it to the transom (there's room) would have the motor cover hitting the tank when you trim it right up for transport, etc. The work-around has been to both to lift the tank a bit and limit the motor travel (it will still sit above the hull bottom of the hull, but it's a lot of messing around). Not sure of how it'd go on a 5.99; I guess it depends on how close the motor gets to the back of the transom.

        In terms of plumbing, no, it doesn't come with anything. Prowave do, however, make a kit you can purchase:

        (That's bottom draining; they also do a side draining kit).

        In terms of size, I'm happy with it at present. We were down at the dealer a few weeks ago and dummied it up on the hull and it looks spot on for what I wanted. It's 40 litres, so not enormous but it's certainly bit enough to handle quite a few slimeys.

        Overall, it's very well made and I'm pleased with it. I did expect it to be a bit of fiddling to get it to fit, but not quite as much as its turned out to be.

        I'll post up a pic or two in a few weeks, once I've got the boat.
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