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    Struggling tying 15 lb braid to 12lb fluoro leader knots these days and impossible out on the water.

    Just been tying double loops with the line side by side, then a second double loop sliding up to the first. Works ok but has no real strength to it, if I get snagged the line will snap on the braid side of the knot, suggesting the knot is weaker than 12lb. Also on the odd occasion I get busted off, that is where the line will part.

    So been looking on YouTube for Blood knot tying tools, some of them are unbelievably complicated to make. But came across a fancy looking one made out of brass which looked very easy to use.

    So I stuck with the principle of the thing and made a rough version of it with some flexible plastic.

    First you put the braid through the slots in the plastic one way and the fluoro through the other, with enough spare at the ends to come back round and go through the loop in the middle. Hold the slots tight with clips so the line cant move.

    Secondly a nail goes between the two lines and is rotated 7 times, some blue Tack will hold the nail in place after turning.

    Thirdly the ends of the line go through the centre loop where the nail is, one going down and one going up. I found it a lot easier at this stage if I put clips on the ends of the line so the hung down, otherwise they try to go back through the loop.

    Fourthly lift the line out holding the part where it went through the slots and pull the knot tight, the weight of the clips will take care of the line ends. Wet it as you finish the knot off.

    After a bit of practice I was surprised on quick and easy it was to use.
    5.3 walk through cuddy 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke 80lb Minn Kota