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Rod Holders in 4.55m drifter and Scotty 1085 downrigger

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  • Rod Holders in 4.55m drifter and Scotty 1085 downrigger

    Hi all I am very new to this group as we only took delivery of our new Polycraft a week ago. I have a quick qn i was hoping you could help with and a slightly longer qn. I have searched high and low through the various different forum topics but havent found what i am looking for. The quick one is does anyone know the depth of the rear rod holders in these boats (sorry i am not with it currently and wont be for a week or so, and want to buy a gimbal mount in the meantime).

    The second question is i have a Scotty downrigger and was wondering where & how everyone would recommend mounting it? I bought the Hookem gimbal mount but realised subsequently that the rod holders are vertical and the gimbal mount is 30degrees so the downrigger points to the sky. Hence i either need to find a vertical gimbal mount (which seem nearly impossible to find) or attach it to the gunwhal or the rail. It's not my boat (my father in laws) so i am trying not to alter it as much as possible. Ie if it was mine id just go drilling away! and are there any concerns anyone has with attaching to rail or gunwhal in terms of will it hold the pressure when fishing for kingies. If you were to put it on the gunwhal where would you do it exactly?

    im based in Sydney, fishing out of Pittwater mostly and very excited.

    thanks a lot in advance guys


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    Hey Chris,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Assuming the 4.55 and 4.8 have the same rear holders, I think they are bottom-less (with the limit being any obstructions (hose/wiring/etc) in the transom), but hopefully someone will confirm/correct. (I won't have my boat for another 6-odd weeks, so can't go check. I was, however talking to the dealer/Polycraft about a removable bait tank using those rod olders, and that's the impression I was left with).

    In terms of the downrigger, I'm afraid I can't help.
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      If the rod holders are the same as the four on the 5.3 they are not bottomless as Ive had water in one of them. The depth of them seems to be greater than 35cm, all my rods will fit in up to the reel stem.
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        thanks guys