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  • SmartWave4200 ordered

    I finally pulled the plug and ordered a white 4200 with a tiller steer 50hp 4st Suzuki. I haven't ordered a bow mount yet because i need to build a casting deck to get some storage space for the battery, safety gear etc. Until then the big esky will be used for everything other than an esky!

    Strange how fast things happen these days. Last week i dropped into a finance broker and said "what would the repayments be on a 20 grand loan?" Then i rang a couple of places in Brisbane, got rough quotes. Then i realised i needed to get another car - so i decided to upgrade the car (Mitsubishi 380 sedan) to a Land Cruiser.

    2 applications in, 2 loans approved yesterday. Looks like i'll be heading down to Brisvegas in the next week to buy a car and pick up a boat!!!!

    I have a couple of mates who are already talking Hinchinbrook, Cairns, Weipa and beyond - and that was well before i got to this stage.

    I'll put some photo's up when i get it, but we've all seen white SW 4200's before.

    In the words of the not-so-immortal Big Kev - I'M EXCITED!!!!!!

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    Good stuff Sean you'll love the 4200, bloody great little allrounder !!


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      I'm hoping so Steve, i'm really looking forward to getting it into the water.

      I've got everywhere between Mackay and The Cape to fish (salt water fly fish, that is) and it's going to be a lot of fun!


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        6 days to go. Pick up next Thursday.

        I'm excited!!!!!!


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          It's white, and it's here!!!!

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            no idea how i did that. Ah well.

            Picked the boat up from AMC in Springwood, south of Brisbane on Friday morning. We got back home early this morning, the housework is done so tomorrow is the day to get her wet.

            One last photo of the tub and the tug:
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              That's a nice rig. All the best on the maiden voyage troppo_sean.


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                Sean, can't remember my boat looking that new and clean...... done well, that Suzie 50 will be a great motor, pretty sure they have the biggest displacement in the 50hp class.

                Cant remember sending or receiving a PM via this forum but yeah let me know if you are coming up a bit further up the Qld coast , I don't bother fishing localy , I'm a crap fisherman but I somehow catch a few fish when at Cape York where there is less fishing pressure.


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                  Thats a beautiful looking boat Sean, Polycraft could take some tips from Smartwave i think.

                  Let us know your first impressions of the boat on the water


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                    First impressions are very favourable guys :o)

                    The 50 gets it up and flying nicely. It's heavy at the stern, as soon as you touch the throttle it kicks up at the nose. I think it'll need a permatrim or some such device. Gets on the plane nicely and belts along at a fair clip. I haven't done a sustained WOT run yet, but i'll take my GPS for when i do.

                    I put 5 hours on the motor on Sunday, saw some whales up close and generally had a ball. I guess i travelled over 40km and used less than half a tank - about 12 litres - or so'ish.

                    The prop is 11 3/8 X 14

                    The stability is good, especially when belting along. It cuts through low swell quite nicely and even when it's banging along the total lack of 'tinny thump' is nice. On the flat in sheltered water it goes like shit off a greasy shovel.

                    I'll post more as i get more use in, but for now i love it!!!

                    Thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement fellas. I owe you all one.



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                      Yeah the Permatrim is a no brainer Sean, they really do keep the nose down on take off and generally just smooths things out. I did loose a bit of speed after putting a permatrim but its worth the trade off. And fuel efficiency with these hulls is pretty darn good, even my 2 stroke Tohatsu has done 60kmh runs with still half a tank left over.


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                        Thanks Steve, that's great to hear mate. I'll get one sorted out next pay. I was a bit blown away by the fact that i could just nudge the throttle and the nose came up 3+ feet,but as soon as it got underway it came back down just blocked all forward view until the nose dropped.
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                          Sean, not sure of your boating experience, but I used to trim the motor right in to accelerate to the plane then out trim to keep the balance.

                          I found with mine I had to regularly trim the boat depending on tide, wind etc.

                          I am sure you will get to know the boat and what she needs to perform the best

                          Glad to hear you are happy with the boat

                          "shit off a greasy shovel" .. haven't heard that one before, Love it


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                            Thanks Dave, i'll try mixing the trim this weekend and see what happens. I have a strong suspicion the 4200 will behave much better with a bit more weight at the front and something to help the trim at the back. It lifts so easy you could easily say it's over powered, but with my plans for a full floor, loads of storage, rod storage and another 25 litres of fuel (at least) the extra neddies will be put to good use. It probably isn't helped by the combined weight of the motor and me, all at the back of the boat, being well over 210kg either.

                            Maybe i just need to find a fat bastard to fish with......hehehe


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                              Nah ya not over powered Sean, that would be 60hp lol, Permatrim will keep the nose down like you have fat bastard up front