Clock's ticking

I need to have a volunteer to take over as El Presidente by the 20th.

I went to the doc this afternoon and I've had an entirely new pathology added to my already lengthy list. Soon I may be needing a guide dog and a white stick and I've never met a Labrador yet that can type, never mind the spilling and pinctuation;

I really am serious guys - I am no longer able or willing to do the few simple tasks required to keep the site running. Can I have a volunteer even if he thinks that he can palm it off later. It isn't that difficult altho someone with computer skills and an interest could do a lot with the "raw" site.

Over to you, Blue Leader (I was RAF, so that makes sense if you fought in the Battle of Britain like me.)
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live bait tank setups on smartwave 4800 CC

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  • live bait tank setups on smartwave 4800 CC

    Hi All,

    I was thinking about buying a smartwave 4800 CC if i can find a decent used model! (mostly for downrigging kings and for spinning up jew in the estuaries) I was just wondering how hard/easy it is to put a livebait tank in one of these?

    I'd love to see some of your setups for anyone else who has one

    sorry about the noob question - ive never owned a boat before - any help much appreciated