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Second hand buying Drifter 4.5 reconfig questions

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  • Second hand buying Drifter 4.5 reconfig questions

    Hi, I have been looked at second hand Drifters for a few months, preferably FrontRunner or Side Console
    There are a few out there that I have thought looked pretty good but some of them with the SC config have the console is right at the rear and the seats are on the rear storage area or casting deck as per photo.
    Having 2 adults at the back like this and fishing (bait) would not seem a good setup to me and standing most of the time isn't always suitable, I am wondering how hard/expensive etc (not capable of doing it myself) would it be to:
    - move at least the rear passenger seat (port side rear) and add a couple of seat mounts something like as per the photo (from Plastique in another post, looks great). Mainly I fish with 1 other so this setup would seem to suit nicely as the Helm seat could be folded down if needed
    - We would plan to keep the side console and helm seat where it is but worst case push it forward as it seems like there would be a lot of weight in the back of the boat, is this a crazy thing to attempt on a recently purchased boat that ideally you don not want to have to do much work on. (the end result being a person could fish facing the rear of the boat)
    - Or should I just wait for the right config boat to come up? (so far they don't seem to be appearing to often and particularly not down south)

    I guess what are the "gotchas" in doing any of this and any ideas on acheiving a good layout apart from buying it initially? For example
    - does an undefloor fuel tank make this harder?
    - does the extended front casting deck make this a much bigger problem or is this likely to come out reasonably easily if needed?
    - are Polycraft Drifters generally made the same for the last 15 years meaning that the things you can't seat are generally in the same places?
    rear seats plus extended front deck

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    If it were me I would just use a folding camping chair in the open area, they are comfortable and can be positioned anywhere or removed when not needed. Or mount a seat to an esky is another option.
    If you go for a fixed position seat that's where it will stay. Mounting the base away from the middle section of floor you will be relying on screws. If you could mount it on the center removable section of floor you could to use bolts but would need to watch the clearance if it did have an under floor tank.

    The extended front casting deck is a good option plus the extra storage space is always good.


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      Good news, we have bought the blue Polycraft Drifter shown in the original post above.
      Thanks for the reply we will definitely be using a camping chair in the interim as this is all we will have with us, we may eventually also think about an eski with a cushion or something similar that we can fix as needed towards the bow but below the stepped area.

      I still want to do something with the seating, the helm position is ok but I like to be able to swivel to the back of the boat which we cannot do with this configuration.
      Attached is a photo of the current seat mechanism which is removable, we are looking for ideas to get some comfortable/foldable seats with good back support in the approximate positions shown in the original post. We are travelling in North QLD at the moment so if there is anyone who could help us with our challenge please let us know and we will organise to drop in and see them and maybe get them to do the work if there is time etc.

      If anyone has any suggustions for comfortable/durable/folding reasonably priced seats please let us know or post a link. Thanks