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4.5 Drifter centre console positioning

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  • 4.5 Drifter centre console positioning

    I was just wondering if I could get any insight on the placement of centre console fore and aft. I see some have them well aft but most are just forward of the rear panel join. I've just ordered my boat with the console just forward of the join. Any info would be great


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    Pity I've ordered mine already


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      Hi Jace and welcome aboard.

      Console position is mostly about preference and fishing style. If you do all your fishing over the stern while at anchor then you don't want the console at the back. On the other hand if all your fishing is casting from the bow, there may be a good argument for it. Down the back will be softer but wetter ride, up the front a bit bouncier but drier. Central placement where most Drifters have it is a good compromise for most users and is well balanced when operating single handed.
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        Thanks for the reply I'll just run with the standard position because most of my fishing
        Is solo at this stage. Counting down the days. Picking equipment. Getting ready to deck
        It out


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          Good thing about the standard CC position (towards the rear) is that you can sit and drive at times and just reach controls comfortably.