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  • Hull defect

    Took delivery of a brand new 4.5 drifter front runner several weeks ago.Noticed the freeboard part of the left hand side of the hull had a broad shallow indentation running for about 800 mm. Wondering if this is a normal feature of these types of boats or should I bring it up with Polycraft?

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    It's normal, got something similar on my boat.
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      I thought it may have been


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        My Smart wave 4200 has something similar just not as pronounced. From what I understand these deformities can occur during the cooling process after removal from mould. In most cases they will not have adverse effects on ride quality....but sometimes they do. There are Smart waves out there with hooks in their keel turning down at the stern....these problems have caused ride issues in these boats in the past. There are a number of Smart wave factory seconds for sale with hooks in their keel ATM at a couple of dealerships. This suggests this poly cooling problem to be quite common and really needs to be improved.
        I've looked at a few American Triumph plastic boats and their finish is far superior...but they cost lots more than SM or PC..