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Polycraft 4.1 slow to plane. Reasons?

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  • Polycraft 4.1 slow to plane. Reasons?

    Not sure if I've got the spelling right but I guess you know what I'm trying to say. I've been looking for a poly 4.1 or 4.5/4.55 for a while. I finally got the chance to buy a 4.1 centre console with a 40 4 stroke on the back and what I found during the on water test was the boat was very slow to plane. Spent forever trying to get it out of the hole. Tried different trim levels to no avail. Fuel tank is in the back storage box, battery in the centre console. Me standing at the helm, owner was slightly forward from that. No other weight in the hull. Is that what this model/configuration is like or has this boat got issues? Would a hydrofoil fix it? Cheers.
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    i have 4.1side console with a tohatsu 50 2 stroke get's on the plane instantly had to put a permatrim on help bring the nose down to make it level


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      I have a 4.1 side console with a 40HP Tohatsu 2 stroke and get to the plane fine even loaded to the max with 2 adults and 4 kids under 12. I bought mine with a Permatrim fitted and no issues. Even use it to tow a 3 person tow biscuit and no issues getting on the plane towing that either.

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        Thanks for the responses guys. So you reckon the permatrim would fix it? Nose sits high in the air and it takes a while to get up and going. How much is a decent permatrim worth?


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          I'm no expert, but in the past folk have improved the situation by moving which hole the motor is bolted through. You'll probably still need a permatrim. They're not expensive as boat bits go.
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            Cheers Doug thanks for chiming in. So quite fixable.


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              Hi Viper,

              i had probs too but moved the seating off the back tubs, battries up the front and put on SE200 foil from bcf. I also removed the floor and lids and replaced all with marine ply. This shaved 50kg of hull weight. I run a 40 hp 2St and it gets up out the hole real quick 1-2 up, 3 can take a bit to get going.

              But 3 decent blokes can be 280-300kg. I find the 4.1 is best two adults and a kid.
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                4 strokes are sluggish off the mark, better off buying this one with a two stroke


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                  Have a 50hp zuke and permatrim on my 4.1 and have never had issues getting on the plane with 3 on board Permatrim are a great investment to get out of the hole using the leccy trim


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                    4 strokes generally need a few revs to the best out of em, 2 strokes have a strong midrange to help get over the hump. Permatrim will def help get the nose down earlier and force the hull out, probably the cheapest mod you can try...... Goodluck