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SW4200 & 30hp 4 stroke

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  • SW4200 & 30hp 4 stroke

    Hi all,
    Anyone running an SW4200 with a 30hp 4stroke? I've had mine for a bit over 3 years with my ageing 40hp Tohatsu 2 stroke man. start tiller steer which seems ample power & perfect weight.
    Unfortunately these engines will be phased out in a couple of years and we'll be all forced into 4 strokes eventually, with all the bells & whistles I don't want, like power trim & tilt & start (adds weight, battery dependence and loses ability to beach 'at speed' when we launch into the ocean). So for weight, simplicity and cost, I'm looking at the 30hp 4 stroke Tohatsu as a potential future replacement, which leads me back to the question - anyone else running a 30hp on SW4200 & how does it go? Any advice appreciated.

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    Hi Andy.

    No direct experience with your boat, but with a hull weight of 220kg, a transom capacity of 115kg and a rating of 50hp why not consider either of these:

    I think a 30hp 4-stroke would be underpowered and you would be disappointed long after the price difference is forgotten.


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      I have a Mercury 40hp 4 stroke on mine and the performance is OK. I considered a 30 hp as Suzuki had just releases a new model and it was recommended but I'm glad I didn't and I think most on this forum would go for a 50.


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        Get Max hp that you can afford.
        i have a 50 two stroke on The sw4200 and the smallest id go is a 40. and thats as a last resort.

        but being tiller steer and also the need to quickly lift the motor when beaching at speed, the lighter the better. so its a catch 22 situation.


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          A 30hp 4 stroke will be a lot more fuel efficient than a 40hp 2 stroke , I used to own a 14 ft tinny with a 30hp 4 stroke and was happy with it but used to struggle when heavily loaded with camping gear, water, petrol cans.

          If your SW4200 is only lightly loaded and you're not looking to go super fast then a 30hp should be OK. You can downsize the prop if it's slow to plane but will limit your top speed.
          But yeah I went for a 50hp 4 stroke with my 4.2 Only time I needed all that power was to plane with heaps of camping gear, petrol and water for a 2 week trip out of the boat.

          Might be best to stick with the 40hp 2 stroke for now.


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            Having the extra hp is not necessarily being able to go faster, its about having the extra power when you need it in a hurry, and we all know how the sea can change at teh drop of a hat with tide, waves, currents presenting potentially dangerous situations.

            It will also give you the option to have a full load without having to run at full revs to keep it on the plane.

            My 4.55 poly fitted with a 50hp Suzuki used to use 10L per hour flat out so they are not that thirsty

            (Best run was Palm Island to Lucinda - 97km-3 hours-30l)


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              "The tribe has spoken"
              40 Tohatsu stays for now, to be replaced with a 50 in the same engine next time. 4 stroke can wait....
              Thanks all for your counsel!!