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    I have a 4.8 centre console with a 70hp Tohatsu motor. When turning, I get a fair amount of cavitation and need to trim or drop revs before increasing again to resolve this. At last service I spoke to mechanic and he thought motor may have been mounted a bit too high but not worth buggerising around to fix it. If I were to replace 3 blade prop with a 4 blade, would this help alleviate this problem. My research says more than likely it will with maybe a slight drop in top speed. Can anyone offer some advice if they have replaced props before please.

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    I replaced my 3 blade prop with a 4 blade s/s prop quite a few years back. The reason being the motor was easily reaching the rev limit of 6300rpm, meaning the prop pitch was too small.

    I donít see changing the prop making any difference to your cavitation problem, to me the motor must be mounted to high.

    You can check this yourself by putting a straight edge under the keel, the cavitation plate on the motor should be level with it.

    Thatís the basic setup when fitting a new motor.
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