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Removing rust stains etc

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  • Removing rust stains etc

    Has anyone had any luck removing rust and other stains from their poly? Previous owner left the spare wheel in side the boat and it's made bit of a mess, as well as other stains from oil/fuel etc. Nothing that really affects the boat, but looks a bit average on a white boat

    ​​​​​​Tried CLR without much luck, will find some grease remover, any other suggestions?


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    I used CT18 on mine, it looked great but I didn't have any rust stains to remove.
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      CT18 truck wash works well. Give the boat a good clean down using the recommended dilution then hit the remaining stains with more concentrated solution and a scrubbing brush, leave for a few hours then scrub again and rinse. You may need to do the rust stains a few times but most should come out.
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        Cool thanks. Had used that previously though didn't leave it or really try again, I'll give it a crack and failing that let you know what else I try.


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          Oops forgot about this. With a heap ofscrubbing CT 18 removed some of the lighter stains, then I gave Rainex Rust Converter and Stain remover a go and it helped with the more stubborn stains. Was still some discoloration but I couldn't be bothered soaking it, stains had been there for years.
          Afterward I wiped some of that over some other rust stains I hadn't yet tried (apart from pressure cleaning) and they came off with very little effort, went over it came back and wiped it off and then just washed boat down to get rid of any excess chemicals. Recommend gloves and glasses though, as the label suggests its pretty nasty stuff.
          Didn't see any ill effect on the plastic.