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  • Remove anti foul paint

    hi all, some bright spark has painted the base of my polycraft with anyifoul paint that is now patchy and looks terrible, any suggestions for removing.

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    I contacted Polycraft about this same issue and they said you can use virtually anything you like to remove it as you won't hurt the plastic. If you've got a Gerni that doesn't work too badly. It would take a lot of paint stripper and there's obviously the affect it will have on whatever the boat is sitting on or over at the time.


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      AS someone who has antifouled dozens of (big) boats, if the gerni* doesn't work, I'd be inclined to use a wire brush on a drill, maybe with a solvent to help things along. Go gently to do as little damage to the plastic as possible, then treat it all with a heatgun to smooth out the surface again. Try it on a hidden spot first. When all's said and done, the area will be below the waterline anyway.

      As Steve says, beware of what comes off the boat, both solvent and antifoul waste. Don't let it sit on your trailer! Collect it on a tarpaulin and dispose of it on polyFrank's back yard.

      * Pressure cleaner has to be a big job, not the "home" version. Petrol ones are best.
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        Thanks guys, Iíll attempt pressure washer at car wash first then look at more extreme options. Bit reluctant to use paint stripper but will see how I go.
        Whats polyFranks address Iíll post him what I get off.


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          How did the clean-up go? I notice polyFrank's been quiet recently.....
          When I was a boy....


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            Nothing much to talk about Doug, nothing seems to happen on here these days.

            I seem to be the only one who goes fishing, so I donít know what the rest do with their boats.

            Or maybe this forum is for deranged people who think they have a boat and part of their treatment is to post fantasy stories on here.

            Stories such as casting decks and removing anti-foul paint.
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              I see Pickle's anti-foul scrapings are working on you already, Frank

              I despair of this board. We spent so much money on it and it's not user friendly so folk don't post.
              When I was a boy....