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Fuel Gauge not working

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  • Fuel Gauge not working

    Hi All,

    Trying to figure out how to get my fuel gauge to work? it doesn't register on the dial, on the dash.

    I know the tank is under the floor in the middle, would I have to rip up the floor? then what?

    Any advice is appreciated.



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    Usually the floor is easy enough to lift, you just need the right sized hex bit for your drill. Fixing fuel gauges is a black art, that I claim no success with. Check power is there and at the gauge. If it's the gauge itself I step down for those smarter than me.
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      Luckily Im one of the many many members smarter than Doug and can help you out with this one OD.

      I also have a 5.3 and I had to disable the sender on my fuel tank because they stripped the thread where it was fitted into the top of the tank. I could smell the fumes and it was a worry there could have been an electrical fault with the sender.

      So I lifted the floor, sealed the sender, disconnected and insulated the electrics. I look at the fuel height in the tank from the hatch at the back. Its easy to tell what percentage of the 130ltr of fuel is in the tank before hitching the trailer.
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        Yes, technology has always been a mystery to polyFrank. I'm reliably informed that both his Mk 1 eyeballs are giving out as well. Not surprising when you know his secret life. No wonder Mrs polyFrank keeps outfishing him.
        When I was a boy....


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          Thanks guys, I'm trying to get it to work again so I don't run out of fuel when I'm out on the open ocean.


          I too have a strong smell of petrol when I lift the hatch at the back. Are you able to tell me how to re-connect the sender?


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            You dont need the gauge at all, it never showed an accurate reading anyway so is close to useless.
            Put a spirit level on the floor and lower the jockey wheel till its level and note the position of the wheel. Look at the percentage of fuel in the tank from the rear hatch when level, I never let it get below about 40%. You may want to have a minimum much higher, depending on your trips.
            5.3 walk through cuddy 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke 80lb Minn Kota