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Brumby transom crack

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  • Brumby transom crack

    My 10 year old Brumby has finally developed a crack across the top of the transom at the engine mount. Canít say Iím surprised as the transom was always too thin and bendy- the original 3 mm(?) transom plate bent like a banana and Polycraft replaced it with a 5 mm plate. I noticed recently the weld where it folded over the top of the transom had split, then a crack appeared in the poly. My dealer has the photos and I will post when I get them off him. We think we have a pretty solid repair with extra poly welded across the top of the transom between the outside and the well and a stonking new 10 mm ally transom plate which comes right down to the bungs. Still a work in progress. Will post photos when available.

    Iím keen to hear if anyone else has had transom problems and how you fixed them.

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    Repairs completed on the transom. The original engine plate was 3 mm ally, the replacement 5 mm and both were just screwed into the plastic which had a bow in it and far too much flex. The new one is 10 mm ally bolted right through the transom and the 10 mm ally strips on the inside. Transom nice and flat again now. And very rigid. We have also replaced the the engine well brace with a sealed box design, but still with a drain hole and access hole for the pump. Should eliminate the well filling up when backing into a chop. Hopefully test it on the water this weekend.


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      Looks the goods mate. Dodgy that the previous plate was just screwed in. Thanks for the pics to allow others to look out for this issue.

      Based in Port Macquarie
      2006 4.1 SC with 40hp Tohatsu 2 stroke
      Watersnake 54lb shadow leccy


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        wow looks like a solid repair. what hp yammy are you running out of interest?


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          80 hp Grimo. I think they are rated to 90 but Yammie didnít sell a 90 in Aus in 2008 when I bought mine. The old transom wouldnít have coped anyway- I reckon it would take a 250 now!