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  • FishFinders/GPS

    A big thanks to Anthony (AKA Chocolatemoose) of Regal Marine. I was looking for a fishfinder for my poly - hadn't thought about replacing the one she came with originally until I took a long hard look at it!
    At the time I was dealing with him I didn't realise that he was the same ChocolateMoose who had provided some great hints on my thread dealing with the wholesale modification of my 455 centre console!
    Anthony's knowledge on the subject was extraordinary! He was able to give me a really great objective overview of all the brands - citing their pros and cons off the top of his head. It is not often you come across someone with such obvious knowledge and passion. After quite a few calls and emails I settled on a Garmin EchoMap 95SV - and he did me a fantastic price as well.
    Many thanks Anthony and someone of your calibre certainly deserves to be recognised in this forum.

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    Nothing better than word of mouth recommendations!
    Onya Moose!

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      Well Done Chocolatemoose . You do look after us Mate. Cheers BreamMaster
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        Well said Alexzed, one very consciences guy is our Moose. (conscientious - write it out a hundred times before class tomorrow. )
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          lol thanks alex. really appriciate it. i am not on this forum as often as i once was. i still check in from time to time. i think i might just keep my poly now
          Moose Marine

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            Good to see you again Moose and see that your spelling remains nearly as bad as pFrank's, hard though that is to believe.

            Keep up the good work!

            Carry on, as your Dad would have said! Gee I miss him.
            When I was a boy....


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              i blame my larger than average sized hands and this tiny phone screen. i can blame my dad for that :P
              Moose Marine
              5/227 Wells Rd. Chelsea Heights, Vic . 3196


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                Moose is a stand up guy which is a testament to his parents. I've never met him but every forum I have been on I come across people singing his praises for both the deals he offers and the wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share.

                Keep up the good work mate.
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                  He's not a bad bloke considering he's from Victoria. Good to see you're still lurking away mate, when i get my new croc proof boat for Darwin i'll be in touch to load it with goodies mate. Loving the look of the new Garmin stuff! that 360 degree underwater radar stuff is AWESOME!
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                    another vote for moose and the 95sv that he put me onto. his price delivered to qld was better than the best up here and he was a treat? to deal with. thanks again mate


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                      I'll be after a 75 or 95sv as soon as I pick up my new boat: I'll defo be giving moose @ Regal a bell/pm; thanks chaps
                      Tight lines & screamin' reels!