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    Originally posted by acidstone View Post
    Wow; that's a darn good deal!

    Oooo.....I'd be quite interested to hear your thoughts on them once you've picked up the boat, if you're willing to share. I've watched a fair few of their youtubes videos and am impressed by what appears to be their attention to detail. They also do have the best prices going it would seem (according to their website). As a result, my wife has hit them up for some prices. She's got a very strong preference for a Brumby, so if they can get one in within the budget, we may be taking a drive to Brisvegas.
    Otherwise, we'll go through either Enterprise Marine in Sydney or Boats'n'More in Echuca.

    As for pickup.......2 days now!! That's gotta be exciting!
    They were great to deal with! Excellent attention to detail! I couldnt be happier with how its been setup! They kept me in the loop through the entire process with updates on progress. I highly recommend them based on my experience!
    I've heard the brumby's are particularly wet... polycraft offer spray chines for the brumby as an extra. I was trying to get them for the drifter but they only do them from the brumby. If you're leaning toward a brumby it would seriously be worth considering the spray chines.


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      Excellent! Thanks for the feedback.

      Thanks also for the lead; I'll have a chat to the folks at Polycraft.


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        Ta yep the Bimini is great, the Tas sun is a killer. It has an optional extension that I only use on overnight trips.
        The size difference between the 4.5 and 5.3 is huge, the 5.3 is 2.4 m wide so very beamy and stable with heaps of storage.
        But still of a size that I can comfortably launch and retrieve on my own if need be - but all this comes at a cost of course,

        Something to aim for !



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          That sounds like an awesome rig.....beamy is definitely good; I'm all about stability.

          Re the cost; anything good costs money. I've spent most of my adult years around motorsport and playing with race cars - like boats the good stuff costs money which turns most people white. But you get what you pay for and in the end the extra investment is almost always worth it.

          That said, if I aim for a 5.3 in the near future, my wife will find a gun to aim at my head. We're about to sign on the dotted line for a 4.8 and if I start talking about an upgrade now, she'll use my remains to grow tomatos.... hehehee


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            Race Cars ? Lucky you .... Im a petrol head from way back, these days I have a pretty good simulator with a motion platform - a lot cheaper and safer and bloody realistic,


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              LOL...yeah, real much money sunk into a black hole from which it'll never return. :-)

              Still have the car, which is on it's 3rd rebuild. Hasn't seen much progress lately as camping/fishing with the fam has taken priority. I'll get it done in the next few years hopefully, then it'll all be maintenance from there, as any further changes will be well out of the budget. All that said, it'll depend on what direction the category takes, as I reckon older cars like mine are on their way out.

              Sim's are amazing nowadays. Did you build your motion platform or buy? Would love to see any pics if you're willing to share.


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                One 4.8 Brumby Cuddy on order.......
                Now to patiently wait 'til Feb.
                Is it Feb yet?
                Is it Feb yet?