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  • New member from Hervey Bay Queensland

    Hey everyone and thanks for signing me up...........WHO AM I ?? I have lived in Hervey Bay the last 12 years originally from Sydney and love my jigging!! Have owned lots of boats over the years, some good and some not so good. Lots of glass ...Bertram , Haines which were awesome...pressed and plate as well...and my last Fisher plate was probably my favourite alloy. I've had PLASTIC on my mind for some time though as they made lots of sense to me from a safety / durability point of view. Like all boats though they had compromises so I held off before I was sure. Anyway, without boring you all too much I ended up grabbing a Smartwave 4200 hull and trailer.

    Had to figure out a way of making it as COLREG friendly as possible in regards to lights (as most of my travelling is through the night) had a stainless frame welding to the top of the existing console rail to get my anchor and running lights as high and visible as possible ( plus a base for my vhf antenna, gopro, flood light etc which could get them out of the way)......Next thing was the wiring......It's a large console for the boat ( maybe too big ) but in it I wanted a duel battery setup plus room for any additions in the future so had to find a place for the wiring without screwing through the external skin of the console......ended up buying a couple of cutting boards and screwing the top one to the existing rail fasteners which gave me room for wiring to run between cutting board and external skin. fastened another board to the bottom of this and it has seemed to work well.

    MOTOR......went the Mercury 50 4 stroke for a couple of reasons.....(a) MAX HP on plastic is a good thing (b) Mercury have come a long way in the last 6 years or so compared to the crap they used to make in the 80's and 90's......It is sweeeeet!!!

    Took her out for an initial shakedown and overall I was impressed......there's a few simple things to sort out but happy at this stage. I think there are very few 4.2 hulls out there that will be as safe and capable. It was surprisingly dry in the head sea ...but beam on, not so much as you'd expect. Not super impressed with the finish quality of the hull but didn't expect perfection from the rotomold process.

    It is work in progress and need to add a few bits and get more fuel under deck....( think I've found an odd shape plastic tank that may work )

    but looking forward to sharing all my stuff and looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing to their rigs.

    cheers and thanks for adding me to the plastic family...
    Bare hull..... Extra rail gets anchor light nice and high and doesn't stuff up skipper vision. wiring begins.....
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    Hi Jay Jay.

    Fished up your way a few times in charters, but never bothered to tow the boat up from Bribie.
    5.3 walk through cuddy 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke 80lb Minn Kota


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      Hey Polyfrank...........worth the effort to fish around here mate. Sharks are getting worse every year though so getting very difficult to get anything past them.


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        Originally posted by Jay Jay View Post
        Not super impressed with the finish quality of the hull but didn't expect perfection from the rotomold process.
        Welcome to the family Jay Jay I'll admit to being underwhelmed at the finish as well. Then i started to realise it didn't matter all that much because i was ripping things out and putting stuff in and drilling little holes get the idea anyway.

        Get yourself some loctite and do the floor plating bolts up really tight. I had a couple rolling around in the bottom of mine and then i got sick of doing them up every 2nd week and did them up tight! They go nowhere now.

        I looked for a plastic underfloor tank but after the above mentioned floor bolts exercise i decided to just get a bigger red tank. I don't generally go all that far from home anyway (although that might change in the next few weeks) so even a 25l tank does me fine.

        You'll find we're not a high traffic site but there's a mountain of good ideas in here if you do a search. Keep us up to date on your mods.



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          Cheers Troppo.......yeah most of my trips in previous boats in Hervey Bay are usually anywhere from 60nm to 150nm in a this boat will be a challenge from a fuel point of view. Found a poly underfloor 48 litre that will go but not cheap. That combined with the tote will give me good range. Lots of compromises but lots of pluses as well. Thanks for the welcome


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            Hey Jay Jay, Welcome to the forum. Why is it everytime i log back on here i get shed envy from one of the new members? Thats a cracker mate, and by the looks of it, a bit more room to expand with more toys as well.
            I believe in Karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.


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              hahah iamsam....yeah mate was thinking of the possible future when doing it.....middle door 4.2 clearance height so shouldn't out grow it height wise in a hurry......thanks for the welcome.