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  • Old member -back again

    G’day all! Good to see the site still going strong- I used to be a regular contributor about 10 years ago but after doing nearly all the mods I wanted I was too busy just getting on with work and fishing and you helpful folk had answered all my questions!
    I still have the same blue Brumby Cuddy down here in the beautiful Recherche Archipelago on the south coast of WA ably kept afloat by Scott and Jeremy at Moby Marine
    I haven’t got around to another boat because this one still ticks all the boxes.
    I have developed a few ‘issues’ lately which I will raise as separate topics but for now it’s good to be back!
    The site has changed a bit since I was last here and I’m a bit of a Luddite so feel free to put me right if I’m posting the wrong things in the wrong places.

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    Welcome back mike