Clock's ticking

I need to have a volunteer to take over as El Presidente by the 20th.

I went to the doc this afternoon and I've had an entirely new pathology added to my already lengthy list. Soon I may be needing a guide dog and a white stick and I've never met a Labrador yet that can type, never mind the spilling and pinctuation;

I really am serious guys - I am no longer able or willing to do the few simple tasks required to keep the site running. Can I have a volunteer even if he thinks that he can palm it off later. It isn't that difficult altho someone with computer skills and an interest could do a lot with the "raw" site.

Over to you, Blue Leader (I was RAF, so that makes sense if you fought in the Battle of Britain like me.)
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  • New member - Wikisaurus

    Evening all,

    Wikisaurus here - just a quick intro as Iím new to this forum thing.

    I retired from the beautiful chaos of Sydney to the Sunshine Coast last year & purchased a new Polycraft 4.5 Drifter CC. It is powered by a Yamaha 60 HP and have to state that so far it has been utterly faultless (apart from the operator who seems fairy ordinary at the best of times!).

    I am keen on anything diving, fishing or generally active related & so far the boat has ventured a bit around the Sunny Coast & as far north as Hervey Bay for a week (obviously the boat was towed there, although it is ridiculously economical to run compared to older engines & boats Iíve had).

    The only thing Iíve had done so far is the fitting of a Fulton draw bar hinge as my garage was about 500mm too short even with the engine down.

    I hope to ďmeetĒ with some of you at some stage! Meantime stay safe!



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    Hi Wikisaurus and welcome to the forum, Iím just down the coast from you.
    5.3 walk through cuddy Ė 115hp Suzuki 4 stroke Ė 80lb Minn Kota


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      Thanks Frank I have some plans for the boat but obviously limited by retirement - improvements for the boat are constrained by finances & Mrs Wís tolerance!



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        G'day Wikisaurus and welcome.

        Escaping chaos, retiring North and purchasing a boat; good times all around.


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          Thanks for the opportunity to join the erstwhile fellowship of all things plastic!

          We ventured out today, mustíve been the flattest swell weíve experienced- blowing offshore & very small swell. We didnít bother the scorer fishing wise but Iím not quite set up just yet for anything other than pootling around.

          I have a list of projects for the boat but will save my enthusiasm for the modifications pages!



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            Hey mate good to see youíre getting used to the boat and gaining confidence. 4.5 poly is a very versatile size, check out some of Lindsayís old posts (aka Macgyver). He took his 4.5 poly everywhere from Caboolture river to Hervey Bay and did very well on the fishing scene. I think he has since sold the rig for reasons unknown to me but was always nice seeing pictures of his fish, especially the ones the deckie caught.
            I believe in Karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.


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              Thanks mate Iím hoping to get back out Monday- been dreaming about a trolling motor but thatíll have to go on the wish list along with a bunch of other stuff. Iím super enjoying the boat & itís versatility. I did see a 4.8 out here a while ago with the largest spray chines Iíve ever - owned by a fella that calls himself ďGT BusterĒ. Look him up on YouTube heís utterly punished his Polycraft. Very impressive!