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Why buy a poly material boat

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  • Why buy a poly material boat

    Some of the reasons for buying a poly material boat include but not limited to

    1. Initial capital outlay

    2. Can't kill them with a stick, literally, hit one with a baseball bat and see what happens.

    3. Environmentally friendly, once the hull is stuffed it can be chipped back down to plastic for reuse. Cant do that with glass

    4. No rotting or electrolysis

    5. Any chips, scratches or dents can be repaired with a heat gun and some wet and dry sandpaper

    6. Scratches donít show as the colour is all the way through the plastic

    7. Plastic is inherently buoyant, therefore they donít sink. (No good for insurance jobs though)

    8. The new models come with foam bringing them up to Survey standard which is great if you are looking to operate a boating business.

    9. You can screw anything anywhere. The internal and external hull are 10 mm think on average.

    10. Any major damage can be fixed easily compared to glass or tin.

    11. No worries about washing the boat down after use. The trailer and motor are the main concern.

    12. No problems with UV rays and deterioration.

    13. No more having to polish the boat as well as the car!

    14. Soft ride, quiet hull compared to tin

    15. Stability is better in a plastic boat with the sponsons on the sides.

    16. Value for money

    17. Easy to drive on and off the trailer (due to trailer design)

    18. Dont need fenders

    19. Dont get hot in the sun

    20. No welds or joins, the quality of which seem to be a constant source of critisism in aluminium boats, even the big name manufacturers

    21. They are slightly softer, so when the kids slip and bang their heads on the boat somewhere it doesn't hurt them as much

    22. I would say the 4.1 actually has good storage and interior room for its length, we feel we've got a lot of boat in a small package

    23. They don't feel icy cold when the water temp drops below 10deg

    Some negatives

    1. The polycraft have more of an industrial look. They are not shiny like a newly painted tinnie or glass boat.

    2. Certain design limitations due to the way they are cooked in the mold.

    3. Lack of storage space. (this can be fixed with after market pockets plastic welded in but at extra expense.

    4. Slightly heavier than tin requiring a higher HP rating.

    5. Can be a wet boat due to the sharp entry point of the nose.

    6. Being harassed by people at the ramp asking questions about the boat. (positive stuff not negative.

    7. Your freinds, who own tin and glass, will get sick of you telling them how rubbish their boats are!!

    8. Turning circle on the 455,particularly in reverse is not the greatest

    9. Running wiring around them - have to try the magnet/fishing line/steel washer trick.....