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older 5.99 Cuddy hull cracks?

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  • older 5.99 Cuddy hull cracks?

    I've read of 2 older 5.99 Frontier's cracking hulls on the bottom inside the chines back near the transom due to thin walls from the moulding process. I'm currently in discussion to buy a 2008 Frontier with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke, are there any telltale things I should look for? I've heard the foam between the hulls is just in the sides and not in the floor, is this true?

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    As far as I know there is no foam in-between the bottom twin skins and I do recall reading a post on here about a split outer skin in the bottom. That post is the only time Iíve heard of a problem with any of the boats outer skins.

    So unless you see some bodgy repairs I wouldnít bother about it.

    What is your current rig Rusty1950?
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      I bought a 2006 5.99 Frontier and am refurbishing it, will post photos when It's further along.
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        Some of the earlier 5.99 had problems with the mould not allowing enough plastic to end up where the chines met the boat at the rear,the mould was changed apparently,not sure what year this happened though !

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          Hi Rusty 1950, I havenít heard much about the 5.99 and cracks- only 2 in my region Iím aware of, both reasonably old and ok as far as I know. As you can see on my own post my 4.85 has a transom crack but this is at the top where it folds over horizontally and was due to the transom being too flexible and the plate insufficiently strong. It still has taken nearly 500 hrs and a fair bit of driving bush tracks to remote beaches before it went. If it looks ok and is not in a position to flex too much it should be ok would be my guess