Clock's ticking

I need to have a volunteer to take over as El Presidente by the 20th.

I went to the doc this afternoon and I've had an entirely new pathology added to my already lengthy list. Soon I may be needing a guide dog and a white stick and I've never met a Labrador yet that can type, never mind the spilling and pinctuation;

I really am serious guys - I am no longer able or willing to do the few simple tasks required to keep the site running. Can I have a volunteer even if he thinks that he can palm it off later. It isn't that difficult altho someone with computer skills and an interest could do a lot with the "raw" site.

Over to you, Blue Leader (I was RAF, so that makes sense if you fought in the Battle of Britain like me.)
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Read this please!

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  • Read this please!


    We're pleased you're interested in joining We were forced to turn off automatic registration because of spammers and spambots, however, I'm happy to register you manually. Just send me a username you'd like to use and I will register you and send you a generic password which you can (and should) change as soon as possible.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Admin wallah
    When I was a boy....