Hi All,
Over Xmas I bought myself a new toy for the boat. Its been around for a while but I cant believe we ALL don't have them yet. Its a C.A.S.T Wireless lanyard. In their words "This wireless solution eliminates hitch and un-hitch time, accidental disconnects, and annoying entanglements commonly found with yesterday’s old-school lanyards" Its so easy to fit and it comes with 2 Transmitters, Control Module and Hardware. This Unit will kill the engine & sound an alarm when someone with the transmitter on them, falls in the water. Hit the button to override & recover overboard person, shake off transmitter & away you go again. Good new is I found them @ http://www.boatingsafetysolutions.co...sslanyard.html for only US$160. Retail is US$400. Its accepted in Pro Bass tournaments in the USA so nobody should have any troubles over here as well. Here is a link to their website with more info http://www.wirelesslanyard.com/default.asp Please take a look because something as simple as this will save lives. I know how many times I have taken off and just didn't bother connecting my lanyard. They are annoying & cumbersome, but with this wireless version, just keep it attached to your inflatable PDF or whatever.

Safe Boating