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    Hi all
    Needing some advise please
    I have installed a VSR for my twin battery set up and all went well, what I would like to do is install a Shut off switch to isolate them both when stored.
    My thought was to install 2 battery terminal isolators turn dial type on the negative side, but was thinking a switch would be better, I do have a 2-terminals shut off witch that came with the 1 battery set up.

    And advise would be appreciated

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    Link to setup with VSR and isolators note that it has separate isolators but can't see issue if you set up on the one isolator so long as the isolator has enough connections, the dual battery isolators normally have that will be doing the same set up on my boat when it arrives, have the VSR and the dual bat isolator already. You shouldn't need the emergency start isolator on the diagram as the isolator switch would be doing that role.
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