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Has anyone been out fishing?

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    Has anyone been out fishing?

    Hi guys,

    It feels like an eternity since i have been able to get out for a fish. Being based in SE Qld the rain has not stopped. After the February floods it was some time before it was safe enough to venture out without the risk of hitting debris and for the fresh to disperse. Now we have an extremely slow moving weather system sitting above us (i think we are in week 3 of constant showers with at least another week to go) so still a period of time after it stops and the sun comes out before its fishable again.

    There was a brief window last month where i did a quick overnight run up to fish the Western side of Fraser Island for tuna and mackerel. I got my 5 mackerel and caught a few Mac tuna but the longtails eluded me again.

    I also went on an inshore charter from the Gold Coast. It rained that day and was a bit windy but the operator still wanted to go. His electric motor broke down at the ramp but after 30 minutes of bush mechanics it was up and running again. Unfortunately that wasn't the worst thing that happened on that charter, and while i caught a few small bread and butter fish, i know why i will always have my own boat in the garage to fish from.

    Cant wait for the weather to clear up and get onto the water again. It is cooling down so here in my local waters i have Snapper, squid, and the winter whiting opportunities all to look forward to.

    I believe in Karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.

    Hey Sam,

    good to hear from you. Guess it is the same just south of you, rain, rain and more rain. Only trip out in the boat was for rescues in the floods. Rivers are stuffed and toxic from sewage and had a few fishkills. I reckon Bass ended up out to sea. Will take some time for rivers to clean-up and restock. I won't be eating my catch for a while, including crabs.

    Offshore has been hard to pick and every weekend wind and swell up. Hoping for weekend crack at the macks if around. Then into winter snapper/jew.

    Nothing beats your own boat to fish from..... that is if the weather behaves..

    Far North Coast NSW


      Well I got out a few weekends ago and prob the best fishing on the Far NSW Coast in my 30 years living down this way.

      Perfect flat bar, light westerly behind us. First spot was slow and only a few legal trag and decent hookup then got bust up, likely a large Snapper. Could have been a decent fish but couldn't turn it on 15lb and 6-8kg rod.

      The 2nd Spot was a bit wider and we had the next 2 hours of best snapper fishing I have ever had. Prob best fishing action ever had. From the the first drop it was on. Bagged out on 20 snapper, good number of medium sized ones and did some upgrades. Only kept 30cm to fork, so fish were 35cm, so smallest we kept was 35cm, with the biggest at 85cm and wieghed in just over 5kgs. Managed 3 trag as well. Back in by 11am to clean up.

      Pics tell the tale. All on bait..... good berly trail going and pillie cubes and squid. Proof in pudding when cleaning them as many fish had cubes in the gut.

      Esky was too full, had to use the fish bag as well.

      IMG-5314.jpg IMG-5311.jpg IMG-5286.jpg IMG-5297.jpg IMG-5291.jpg IMG-5281.jpg Capture.JPG Capture2.JPG Tight Lines.
      Far North Coast NSW


        Some nice fish there mate thats for sure well done. 5-10 knot on the sunny coast tomorrow so will be looking for some of the same......


          Absolutely brilliant catch there. Closed snapper season at the end of the month so I'm out until august 15 now. Snapper have been eluding me the last few years, fingers crossed I get my hands on a late winter brute this year.
          I believe in Karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.


            Had another session on at the end of June. another cracker with action hard n fast.

            6kg Cobia on first fish at spot we did best at last time. Was not much else so moved. Burleyed hard and had another 2 hrs fast action

            7 large trag, more good snapper(14), a 60 cm Golden trev, 55cm cod.

            Caught the 2 biggest snapper up the berly trail on SP's.

            Need help filleting...
            Attached Files
            Far North Coast NSW


              Habes another cracker day out. Could you have chased these fish in your other poly or has the upgrade to the bigger hull allowed you to explore further afield and find these trophies?
              I believe in Karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it.


                Def new rig for sure! 4.55 gets me offshore easy as. In the 4.1 I would never take the bar at Evans on.

                Went out last weekend, flat but NW up at 9:30 and 2 fish. Thus the fishageddon comes to an end.

                Guess they were on for good while but the winter NW kills it off.

                Anyone else getting fish????
                Far North Coast NSW