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Phil's Smartwave 4200CC

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    I was finding it hard to work out what I was going to do, when my Wife (yes you heard me correctly) suggested I use the angle iron and showed me where she would put it.
    Damn but I hate that. Should have been so obvious but I missed it

    Now I have really given you something to ponder.......
    4.1 SC 40hp Suzuki 4 stroke


      Nice work fellas. Thanks for sharing. While in lockdown I am looking at tinkering. Need a cover over my anchor well for my 4.55. Do you guys have an open well on the Smartwaves?
      Also do you have storage in rear tubs? My 4.1 Challenger did, and was a good place to hide the fuel tank. Build a rack for it to sit level.

      My pet hate is clutter on the boat deck. Tripped once on some gear my deckie had and dislocated my shoulder and was 5 NM out to sea. Lets just say my deckie survived and the bar crossing was fun one armed.
      Far North Coast NSW


        G'day Habes,

        Yes, there's an open anchor well on our 4200's. It's enough to take all the anchor rope but the anchor itself doesn't quite fit all the way in so a hard cover won't really work. Even leaving the anchor in the bow roller doesn't help. Obviously the risk is the anchor bouncing out in rough seas so the best thing I have come up with so far is a short length of rope connected to the anchor with a loop on the other end that can be tossed over a cleat as a safety line. It won't stop the anchor coming adrift but at least it won't drop over the side.

        The rear tubs can be used for storage or for the battery but aren't big enough to take a typical 23L tank... or even an 11L for that matter.

        I know what you mean about having stuff on the deck. Never had anything like a dislocated shoulder (ouch !) but as I get older I seem to be able to trip on the smallest thing.
        2020 Smartwave 4200 Centre Console & 2020 50hp Mercury 4-Stroke.


          Hi Everyone,

          Made a few changes so time to update this showcase.

          - Added a foil to my outboard.

          After discussing the issue with Des & describing how the boat was behaving I followed his advice & fitted a SE Sport 300 foil. Big improvement ! The boat planes earlier, doesn't drag the stern when not on the plane & doesn't fall off-plane as easily as before. Definately worth doing !

          - Re-mounted the seat esky.

          The std. Smartwave bungee-cord mounting system isn't the most robust & allows the esky to tip if you are sitting on it facing backwards & lean towards the stern. The corner floor brackets also stuck out into the walkway just enough so you couldn't swing your foot around the end without it getting jammed between the bracket & the inside of the hull. It's the little things that annoy the most... right ?

          I replaced the corner brackets with rubber door stops bolted to the floor, located on the inside corners of the handle recess so no more obstruction to the floor space. The RTIC esky has a slot moulded in the handle area which is just perfect to run a camlock strap through, and a simple aluminium angle bracket with a slot bolted to the floor gives something to attach it to. The seat is now nice & rigid yet easily removeable if needed.

          - Better design seat cushion.

          While screwing around with the seat I noticed the mounting flaps on the long sides of my seat cushion had begun tearing at the stitching & had taken the mesh underside of the cushion with them. $100 spent at my local marine upholsterer later & the mesh has been reinforced, the stitching re-done & 2 extra mounting flaps added... 1 at each end of the cushion. My theory was that while being road-transported, 100km/h wind is getting under the leading corners of the cushion ('coz they are not tied down) and lifting them up, straining everything. This should fix that problem.
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          Last edited by The Mariner; 06-11-2021, 11:36.
          2020 Smartwave 4200 Centre Console & 2020 50hp Mercury 4-Stroke.


            OK, I promise this will be the last mod

            I've replaced the 2 rear seat cushions with carpeted marine ply tops which are far more durable & there's no worries about putting things like a messy bait bucket on them while out on the water. What I didn't like was the way stuff 'could' either bounce overboard or into the tankwell... which on my boat with the tackle box tower fitted would make it a bit of a bugger to retrieve. I also didn't like having to leave the bait bucket either in the sun or down on the floor in some shade ready to be tripped over, so I made a shelf that sits on the gunwhale.

            This shelf has sides to stop stuff sliding into the tankwell, provides an extra flat area to work on and provides shade to whatever is put under it. It has stops under it to firmly locate it into the corner of the boat, a safety strap & a single bungee tiedown so it's easily removable in the event you want to take a couple of bikini-clad hotties for a tour of the harbor
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            2020 Smartwave 4200 Centre Console & 2020 50hp Mercury 4-Stroke.


              This looks great. I’ll be using some of your ideas when I get mine soon (hopefully - the shipments from NZ to AU have been delayed so many times it’s not funny!).

              Do you have any pics of the trailer without the bot on it? I am converting my roller trailer to a skid trailer and looking for how to configure it to take the new boat.



                Hi Mate,

                Sorry... no pics of the bare trailer. I've seen your other post and I've added some comments, so please have a look at that one. Welcome to the Smartwave family I know what you mean about the shipping delays... it took me 6 months to get my hull into Queensland, fitted-out & delivered down to me here in Adelaide.
                2020 Smartwave 4200 Centre Console & 2020 50hp Mercury 4-Stroke.