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7-inch or 9-inch Garmin for 4.5 Drifter Frontrunner?

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    7-inch or 9-inch Garmin for 4.5 Drifter Frontrunner?

    Just wondering if any of you happen to have a Drifter Frontrunner with a fishfinder up on the little ledge right in front of the steering wheel, and if so, what size have you installed? I'd love to have a 9-inch Garmin UHD up there, but am worried that it may be a bit too big for the space. I guess the question I'm asking is: will a 9-inch fishfinder fit up there okay, or should I aim for a 7? I was hoping to install mine a bit to the right and at a slight angle, and then put a gimballed compass on the same ledge, lefthand side. Viable?

    Hi Remoteriverman, if you can confirm the frontrunner console is the same width as the square centre console (drifter) a 9 inch UHD fits in fine. but you won't have room for a compass up there with a 9 inch.


      Thanks, Jasen. I've confirmed with Polycraft that the height of the standard windscreen is 170mm (just over 6 and a half inches high), so the 9-inch Garmin should squeeze on there okay. Might have to put the compass on the passenger-side console - not ideal, but acceptable. For extra money, Polycraft will also install a higher screen for anyone who's ordering a brand new boat and wants a bit more protection.